Extreme Cleaning

We are experts in the decontamination and extreme cleaning of all types of property. This includes bodily fluids including excrement, the removal of sharps and syringes, dealing with infestation by insects and vermin, plus fire, flood and sewage damage.

The removal of this type of waste can be extremely hazardous so consequently our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with these sorts of situations. All waste is disposed of through recognised sites and documentation can be provided if required.

We provide fixed quotations together with free surveys.

Lettings and Property Management

Unfortunately, in a lot of instances tenants cannot be trusted to leave a property in good condition. This can really slow up the re-letting of the property which can be frustrating for the management company and costly for the landlord. After tenants have vacated a property we can provide anything from a spring clean to a total deep cleanse. We can also carry out any minor repairs necessary from decorating to general and garden maintenance. This allows the landlord to re-let the property as quickly as possible.

Squatters and Malicious Damage

These days one of the biggest problems facing land owners and property management companies is the damage caused by squatters, vandals and fly tippers.

We can arrange the removal of all hazardous waste safely and efficiently. Then thoroughly cleanse and check the site in order to make it safe for development or re-letting.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning

We are able to deal with the decontamination of incident sites including long term decomposition, accident incidents, suicides and squatters. This may well mean the removal of dried blood and body fluids which may contain pathogens that can be a health hazard. We use specialist equipment that ensure that no visual or residual contamination remains. We can also deal with extreme unsanitary incidents such as sewage contamination.

All waste is disposed of using the correct procedures.

Needles, Syringes and Drug Equipment

Drug equipment can be found anywhere in and around a property. It can be a very hazardous procedure when you have potentially dangerous items to dispose of. We wear specialist clothing and carry out a complete cleanse of the property making it safe for further use.

All drug equipment is disposed of using the correct UK and EU legislation.

Fire, Flood and Sewage

We are able to decontaminate all types of fire and soot damaged property and can identify the safest and most effective techniques to remove soot and contaminate damage.

When it comes to flood and sewage incidents we can deal with anything from a burst pipe to severe sewage and storm damage. Affected areas are sanitised using the latest anti-bacterial cleaning products. When the work is complete we can use specialist drying equipment to ensure that the property can be reused as soon as possible.

Rubbish Clearance

Waste can accumulate in houses and outside properties either through neglect or malicious damage. This waste can cause a multitude of problems including infestation and contamination. We can sort and separate as necessary then dispose of using the correct procedures.

Animal Fouling and Pest Control

Whether alive or dead, insects, rats or mice and their excrement can cause a very real health hazard plus a very unpleasant environment. We are experts in not only cleaning but sanitising all affected areas making the property safe for reuse.